Content Reuse and Attribution Policy

I. Written Content

All original written content on The Off-Grid Tiny House blog is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-only license. You are free to share, republish, translate, or remix my written content as long as you attribute and link to source blog post or page from this website.

II. Images

If any images have the copyright line “© + (year of creation)” or just “©” somewhere in the image, it means that the image(s) is property of this website. These copyrighted images are the ones that I created OR are my derivatives of existing images.

The copyrighted images are under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license. This means that my copyrighted images can be distributed as long as the images are:

  • Passed unchanged: By passing unchanged, this especially means that the copyright lines in the images CANNOT ever be tampered with.
  • Not used for Commercial Purposes: If the third-party website makes profit, then it cannot use my copyrighted images from my website.
  • Are credited to the source blog post/page: As for crediting, each image’s crediting must include an attribution URL link which points to the blog post/page where the copyrighted image originated from.

However, there are certain images on this website I am not allowing for third-party reuse or distribution under ANY circumstances. The images I am not allowing reuse or distribution are:

  1. Logo: this refers to my website logo found on the top-left of my website as well as the favicon image found on the website tabs.
  2. Profile Image: this refers to the image found on top-right of the “About Me and this Site” page under the ‘About’ tab in the header menu.
  3. Header Image (website): this refers to the long header composite image at the top of my website right next to the logo image.
  4. Header Images (blog posts & pages): this refers to the header/introductory image found at the top of EACH blog post and page; these are either custom-made or are from another site (with attribution).
  5. Social Media Images: I have created several images solely for promoting my posts and pages on various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Social sharing of posts (and images) which link back to the corresponding post/page is acceptable. However, people swiping my social media images to insert their own url links is UNACCEPTABLE! I will report if I catch this happening with my images (For example: I have reported on accounts which have recently tried to swipe my Pinterest Pin images to insert their own links).

III. How I Attribute Images

Regarding images, if I get my images from other sources (including for derivations), I will always put the relevant attributions for the images along with the matching URL link(s) at the very bottom of each post and page.

If anyone whose image is being used by my website is unhappy. Please contact me via contact form so we can work something out or I can take it down. I am not out to disrespect anyone.

IV. Lastly…

This policy can be changed without prior notice.

If you have further questions, please use the contact form from the header menu.