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Website Hiatus Announcement

As some of you know, I have been off this website for a long time due to living and financial instability. However, I believe (or hope) that I can start churning out new content by early 2020.

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Satellite Internet Options for Tiny Houses

Several months ago, I first covered wired(landline) internet options like dsl, cable, and fiber optics. If you haven’t, it’s strongly recommended that you read that post first because it covered important concepts like the data usage and data caps. Some months later(and most recently), I then covered wireless internet options...

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WiFi Internet Options for Tiny Houses

Several months ago, I covered only the wired tiny home internet options like DSL, Cable, and Fiber Optics (← click the link to this post which I DO recommend reading first). In that post, I also covered relevant concepts like the relationship between data usage and data caps. In this...

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Wired Internet Options (DSL, Cable, and Fiber) for Tiny Houses

Even if one wants to live in an off-grid tiny house, that doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to live away from modern civilization and its amenities. Of these modern amenities, the internet has become a de facto necessity for many homes because nearly everyone uses the internet full-time to stay informed; which is why...

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Tiny House Design and Construction Guide Book Review

If you are like others, you have come here because you are considering to build a tiny house on a trailer bed (a.k.a. tiny house on wheels). However, building a tiny house isn’t straight forward and might even seem daunting without guidance. Especially for the uninitiated, trying to build a tiny house might not only...

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The Complete Guide to Tiny House Trailers

Unlike tiny houses on foundations, tiny houses on wheels are an option for those who want mobility together with the comforts of home. The starting point to building any tiny house on wheels is the trailer bedding. This far-reaching guide will physical and legal aspects of tiny house trailers. The physical...

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Why Old People Should Consider Tiny Houses for Retirement

Going back to the vague definition of a tiny house, one way is to define it as a tiny living space, chosen consciously, to imbue the freedom of mind, space, time, and finances. How folks interpret and apply the benefits of tiny homes to their own individual needs are wide and varied....

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Save Money with the Federal Solar Tax Credit and other Renewable Energy Incentives

While many people want to setup their own renewable energy system, the often high prices of these systems can deter many. However, various financial incentives provided via federal and state governments can help reduce the overall money spent on a system; other benefits can include reduction in legal hassles. On the forefront is...

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How to Size Solar Panels for Tiny Houses

aWhile anyone can draw solar power from an array, knowing how to size solar panels ensures that any house gets the solar power it needs without having too small and too few solar panels; knowing how to size also helps avoid “over-sizing”(as in having extra panels) as solar panels are expensive. Because tiny houses...

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How to Choose a Power Inverter

When creating any off-grid power system for your tiny house, besides choosing the charge controller and battery bank, it’s also important to know how to choose a power inverter. The inverter’s main function is to convert DC power to AC power; additionally, inverters are part voltage step-up devices which can covert...

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How to Select a Charge Controller

Charge controllers are one of the most important components in a renewable power system, next to the battery bank and power inverter. To know how to select a charge controller for one’s off-grid power system, one needs to know how charge controllers work, their features and settings (including if they...

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How to Size a Battery Bank

Why Battery Sizing is Needed? Knowing how to size a battery bank is one of the most important calculations in designing any viable off-grid power system for any off grid tiny house. I will use a long example in steps to explain the basic calculations needed to size a battery bank;...